[TRANS] 110803 Paradise Meadow DVD Box + Premium Event Information

Paradise Meadow Complete DVD Box I & II – To be released on 2 November!
Price : ¥16,800 each (Tax inclusive)
Format : 5 DVDs per DVD Box, In a DVD Magazine Box
Product No. : AVBF-49078~82 / AVBF-49083~7

- Drama Disc x 4 pcs (Each disc approximately 110 mins/ Contains 2 episodes / Episodes 1~8)
- Special Disc x 1 pc (Approx. 100 mins – tentative)
Contents : Making of / Interview / Korean Press Conference / Changmin’s behind the scenes video & others.
- Gift included : Special Photobook A (Color/ 24 page – tentative)

- Drama Disc x 4 pcs (Each disc approximately 110 mins/ Contains 2 episodes / Episodes 9~16)
- Special Disc x 1 pc (Approx. 100 mins – tentative)
Contents : Making of / Interview / Korean Press Conference / Changmin’s behind the scenes video & others.
- Gift included : Special Photobook B (Color/ 24 page – tentative)

- Sound : Korean / Japanese Voiceover
- Subtitles : Japanese Subtitles / Subtitles for Voiceover
- Picture size : 16 : 9
- Picture Level Format
(T/N : Apparently this means that the quality of the printing of all the images including the ones on the DVD itself is very good)
※ Product’s design, format, special video content, premium items etc are subject to change

“Paradise Meadow Premium Event 2011” To Be Held – For Buyers Only!
To commemorate the release of the romantic comedy starring Changmin, “Paradise Meadow” Complete DVD Box Set I & II, The “Paradise Meadow Premium Event 2011”will be held!
Event Details:
Kanto Region
Date : 17 November 2011
Time : Doors Open 18:15 / Event Starts 19:00 / Event Ends 20:30 (Approx. 90 Mins – tentative)
Location : Pacifico Yokohama National Hall
Appearance : Changmin (Tohoshinki)
Special Guest : Lee Yeon Hee

Kansai Region
Date : 19 November 2011
Time : Doors Open 14:00 / Event Starts 15:00 / Event Ends 16:30 (Approx. 90 Mins – tentative)
Location : Intax Osaka Hall 5
Appearance : Changmin (Tohoshinki)
Special Guest : Lee Yeon Hee

(Participation details omitted)

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[TRANS] 110803 Tohoshinki’s Changmin, First “Solo Stage” In Japan

Popular Korean group Tohoshinki’s Changmin (23) will be holding his first solo event in Japan on in November, for 2 days. This is to commerate the release of his first starring role in a Korean drama “Paradise Meadow” DVD Box set (I & II, Each ¥ 16,800, on sale 2 November.) Changmin, who will be participating in his first event in Japan as an actor, said “I want to prepare something special to show everybody for the first time, ” and is making plans.

Aside from his powerful singing and dancing, Changmin has captured the hearts of fans with his comical acting in this acting debut drama, and will be showing his charm by himself, as an actor.

The “Paradise Meadow Premium Event 2011″ will be held on 17 November at Pacifico Yokohama, and 19 November at Intex Osaka. Participants will be selected randomly from those who have purchased both the DVD Box Sets.

According to related personnel, they are currenly planning the stage design and performances, with Changmin personally suggesting ideas to ensure that the participating fans enjoy themselves.

At the moment, Lee Yeon Hee (23) the actress who plays Changmin’s wife in the drama, is scheduled to make a special guest appearance for both days. It seems like (participants) will be able to see the comical dialogue between the on-screen couple. In Japan’s media coverage on Tohoshinki, Yunho(25) enjoys more exposure, so there is much interest as to what different kind of image Changmin will be showing by himself.

This drama is a romantic comedy about a couple who got divorced, but was forced to live together again after 6 years, and was broadcast in Korean from January to March this year. It contains a romantic kiss scene which makes fans scream, between Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee, and this became a hot topic.

Changmin left a message, saying, “The details of the event are still a secret, but it will be an enjoyable event that is full of the drama’s charm. Please wait for it!” and Lee Yeon Hee too said, “I’m looking forward to seeing everyone,” showing her anticipation.

Source : [Sanspo 1 & 2]

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[TRANS] 110730 Choikang Changmin, ‘My Hand Injury Has Gotten Much Better’

TVXQ(U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin) headed out to Japan through Gimpo Airport on the 28th of July for their Japanese activities.

The group released their new single ‘Superstar’ on the 20th of July and kicked off their official activities.

They will be participating in a-nation, the biggest summer music festival in Japan. Performing alongside popular girl group AKB48 and Ayumi, who is performing in Japan under the stage name ICONIQ, TVXQ will be standing on the a-nation stage for the first time in two years. The festival will go from the 30th of July to the 28th of August.

Source: [newsen]

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[TRANS] 110803 TVXQ Endorses Missha Cosmetics, Becomes Asia’s CF Star

Male idol group TVXQ has become the new spokesperson for the cosmetic brand MISSHA.

Missha’s company ABLE C&C Group ‘s sales and marketing manager revealed, “TVXQ’s powerful and high-quality image, as well as their spirit of constantly challenging themselves fits the image and strategy that Missha wishes to pursue, therefore we decided to get them to be our new spokesperson. Missha, together with TVXQ will be promoting their status as the leading Korean cosmetics brand and their mass market culture, taking on overseas markets. “

TVXQ is not only enjoying explosive popularity locally, but have considerable influence in the European and American markets, one of the representatives of the hallyu culture. Coupled with their collaboration with the internationally recognised Missha brand, it is believed that they will be able to create a significant economic impact for both themselves as a group as well as for the brand they endorse.

Aside from this, TVXQ is also endorsing Pepsi Nex, Shilla Duty Free, Japan’s largest distribution company 7 & i Holdings’ summer campaign as well as Sogo Seibu, establishing their name not only in the music stage but also in the Asian advertising market, and proving their popularity.

TVXQ will be officially involved in various endorsement activities for Missha starting in August.

Source : [tw.news.yahoo.com]

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[TRANS] 110730 Even From The Land Of The Pyramids, “We Love You TVXQ”

The Hallyu Wave is spreading out, not only within Asia, but across the world. The Hallyu Wave, represented mostly by K-POP, is now expanding to Europe and the Middle East. Though the rage is not as big as it is in Asia, the Hallyu craze is quite amazing in Egypt. In 2005, the Ain Shams University created a Korean major and has been slowly but surely increasing the influence of Korean and the Korean culture in Egypt, even creating a Korean channel in 2010, and recently held its first Korean singing contest.

A total of 24 teams participated in the competition, coming from all parts of Egypt including Cairo and Alexandra. The seats of the Mahdi Library were filled to the brim with an audience that cheered for three hours straight as the competition carried on.


During every break was heard, “We love you TVXQ”

During the breaks that took place between acts in the performance, we could hear people shouting, “We love you TVXQ.” It was the TVXQ fanclub ‘TVXQ5 Egyptian Cassiopeia’, which has been active mainly through Facebook.


Source: [OhMyNews]

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