[FANACCOUNT]110806 東方神起 東方神起 福岡 8月6日 (a-nation in Fukuoka)

福岡 8月6日

For the simple reason that I am not from Fukuoka I faced some difficulties to find the venue. But nothing could make me lose the joy of being present once again at an event where HoMin was in ^^.
once again i notice that the venue is full of Bigeast as me and it´s fill my heart of happiness.
We bring our Jumbo´s Towel Bigeast to turn
the venue red when they start to perform ^^
They did the same tracklist as they used before
in A-Nation(愛媛 エイネ) ~



1.Rising Sun
4.Stand by U
5.Summer Dream
6.Somebody To Love
7.Why(Keep Your Head Down)

The Intro is always a big emotion!
Everybody start to scream the HoMin´s names louder !!
My heart start to beat faster and
I ´m excited to see them on stage.
They were wearing white outfits as previous performance in 愛媛 エイネ

Rising Sun
Once again one of the most powerful moments of A-Nation performances.
They performed the Japanese version of Rising Sun♥
The equalization of the sound seems much better this time.


Everybodys seems to know how to sing it very well!!
Superstar is a great summer hit and there´s no doubt about it.
The performance is great and the boys seems to be satisfied with it.
The backup dancers look always so cheerful !
Superstar was a success in a-nation!

(All Japanese versions)
Medley 3-5


When Changmin starts to sing Toki wo Tomete a tear rolled down on my face T__T…
I don´t know how to explain this feeling but when they sing old songs is like they ´re
Telling us ‘ hey listen, Tohoshinki is alive!..we keep Tohoshinki alive”
I thought Yunho improves so much the tone in Toki wo Tomete^^
A very touching song for sure… lot of bigeast was crying seeing them singing this~..
Changmin thanks us and they start to sing …

Stand by U

Another touching moment ~
When Yunho starts to sing I cried more (oh no )!
I can feel their efforts to keep this songs alive …
We start to swinging our red jumbo towels of Bigeast♥
Changmin thanks us again .

Summer Dream

To cheer up the modd now is a traditional summer song
Of Tohoshinki!!! Summer Dream is pure energy and happiness ^-^♥
We dry the tears and star to sing together!!!

Somebody to Love

Somebody to love is always a great song to make the venue get crazy! Haha
When the boys start to sing “jump jump jump” all the venue is in a magic and super powerful energy♥!
Changmin present us with lot of beautiful smiles during this performance!
Definitely one of the best performances of them
The Yunho´s energy on stage is something unbelievable!!!


As usual a POWERFUL performance!
Full of energy !
Everybody knows how to sing it properly and even those who not seems to be a bigeast look carefully for the stage watching their awesome
Step dances! The backup dancers are SUPER too!
Everytime I see them performing KYHD live I think the same thing~
WOW! How could them sing and dance at the same time so well ???

well that´s it .
Millions sorries for the terrible English
I just wrote this fanaccount to share with you all my happiness and
my proud to be a Bigeast and for to be a Tohoshinki ´s fan.

My I have some audios to share and one short fancam
^^ Hope you like it ne ^^
Ganbatte HoMin Fighting!

東方神起~A-Nation Fukuoka 福岡~Stand by U

東方神起~A-Nation Fukuoka 福岡~時ヲ止メテ
(cut audio)

東方神起~A-Nation Fukuoka 福岡 Somebody to Love (cut audio)

東方神起~A-Nation Fukuoka 福岡
★SUPERSTAR★(ending cut)

lol he looked at my cam at 14sec. it´s enough i´m happy xD

Sharing some pics ..goodies ...venue ..bigeast keychain ..

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