[VIDEO]110505 Idol Chart Show (MR removed singer) TVXQ

Number 1 !!!
Congrats my boys♥♥HOMIN FIGHTING!
Only Changmin can do the super high Notes!!!!

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[FANART]110505 CHANGMIN by Hanakousagi

I love the fanarts from Hanakousagi
Always so cute and well done♥
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[VIDEO]110425 TVXQ at MBC 50th Anniversary ‘New Life to Children’ Event

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[TRANS] 110502 Set Off On A Cruise With Girls’ Generation And TVXQ

The nation’s biggest cruise liner will set sail in January, 2012 where passengers will be able to enjoy performances from top Hallyu stars such as Girls’ Generation.

AllThatCruise held a ‘Korean Cruise Establishment press conference’ on the 2nd and announced its plans to create the nation’s biggest cruise liner of 74,000 tons dubbed the ‘Hallyu Star’.

The ‘Hallyu Star’ will stop at major ports in China, Japan and Korea and will present passengers with a variety of Hallyu-related cultural products as well as performances from Hallyu stars loved by Asia.

To accomplish this, AllThatCruise has signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) with SM Entertainment-affiliated company SM Art Company for the provision of Hallyu performances as well as a letter of intent(LOI) with CJ CGV regarding tentative plans for an on-board cinema.

Therefore, passengers of the ‘Hallyu Star’ can expect to enjoy performances from Hallyu stars such as Girls’ Generation, BoA and TVXQ as well as Hallyu movies and dramas airing in Korea.

CEO Lee Kang Ok of AllThatCruise stated, “We will be arriving at each nation’s ports in one to two day intervals, so passengers will be able to enjoy performances from Hallyu stars as they wait to leave the cruise liner at the next stop and explore a new destination,” and “Through the 6 day package we will be providing, passengers will be able to enjoy various aspects of the Hallyu culture such as Korea’s food and traditional performances.”

It will cost approximately 190 USD per person for a day with the total 6 day package costing 1.2 million Won (approximately 1,115 USD).

CEO Lee emphasized that the package was not expensive considering what was being offered as he added, “If one takes into consideration the fact that those who purchase the 6 day package will have unlimited access to the cruise liner’s additional facilities, such as the restaurants, swimming pools and performances, one will see that it costs less to experience what the cruise liner has to offer than to pursue these activities independently in Korea.”

AllThatCruise has finally claimed ownership of ‘Hallyu Star’ after spending seven years paying back all funds, from companies such as KSF Ship Finance, Asia Trust, that was used to construct the new enterprise. It is one that AllThatCruise confidently affirms will succeed as the cruise liner industry has been growing at an average rate of 12.2% per year.

The increase in size of China’s middle class projects that the majority of users of the ‘Hallyu Star’ will be Chinese or Japanese.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

With January, 2012 set as the month to launch the enterprise, AllThatCruise intends to expand the business to the Mediterranean with the addition of a 100,000 ton cruise liner in 2014.

AllThatCruise also expects to become a leading cruise liner company of the world by launching a total of four 150,000 ton cruise liners between 2016 and 2020 in order to expand routes to Europe, North American and the Middle East.

Source: [ebn news]

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[TRANS] 110428 With TVXQ As Cover Models, ‘Music Bank Japan’ Is The Most Reserved Magazine On Amazon

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Music Bank’s first Japanese music magazine, which features TVXQ on the cover, has already become the most reserved magazine in Japan.

To celebrate its recent 600th episode, KBS2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ has decided to begin publishing a Hallyu magazine, joining hands with Japan’s biggest Hallyu publishing company GAM.

According to Amazon, Japan’s biggest online bookstore, the first monthly edition of ‘Music Bank’, which will be released in Japan on May 28th, was the most reserved magazine from the 26th to the 28th.

The ranking on Amazon, as well as the ranking on other online book stores, reaffirmed TVXQ’s lasting popularity amongst Japanese fans as the ‘Music Bank’ magazine is set to interview TVXQ, the cover models of the first issue.

‘Music Bank’ will continue to be published on a monthly basis and will introduce celebrity news from Korea’s representative music program ‘Music Bank’. The magazine will be published by GAM, Japan’s biggest Hallyu magazine publishing company, responsible for publishing Hallyu magazines such as ‘KBOOM’.

Source: [cnews]

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