[TRANS] 110701 TVXQ, “To Grace The Cover Of Rolling Stone’s August Issue Feels Great”

TVXQ have become the first Korean singers to grace the cover of Rolling Stone. Considering the fact that it is hard for even Japanese celebrities to be on the cover, regardless of the fact that it is the Japanese version of the magazine, this is an achievement that is meaningful and should be noted.

Most importantly, TVXQ’s popularity seemed to have been drooping slightly from their top Hallyu star status when some of the members filed an exclusive contract suspension lawsuit against SM Entertainment. However, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who are keeping the name of TVXQ alive, have proven their undiminished popularity as idols and as Koreans by gracing the cover of Rolling Stone.

The Japanese version of Rolling Stone has had only ten Japanese celebrities on its cover, starting with Nakashima Mika in 2008. This further proves TVXQ’s influence in Japan as their appearance on the magazine’s cover is unusual.

A representative of SM stated, “We heard that it isn’t easy for even Japanese stars to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. It feels great to see TVXQ grace the cover of the popular magazine.”

The August issue of Rolling Stone will be available on the 8th.

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[TRANS] 110702 TVXQ Are Airport Fashionistas With A ‘Casual And Rock Chic’ Look

TVXQ’s airport fashion is casual and rock chic.

On the afternoon of the 1st, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin arrived at Gimpo International Airport after finishing their most recent batch of Japanese promotions.

On this day, U-Know Yunho wore a navy t-shirt printed with a woman’s face, matched with sky blue pants. He completed the look with sunglasses, a backpack and white sneakers with pink soles.

Choikang Changmin had on a striped t-shirt and black shorts. Like U-Know Yunho, he completed the look with accessories such as zebra-patterned sneakers, glasses, a studded backpack and fedora.

TVXQ will be releasing their new single ‘Superstar’ on the 20th and kicking off their Japanese activities in full force.

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[TRANS] 110702 TVXQ’s Live Performance On ‘Music Bank’ Is Perfect As Expected

TVXQ have been receiving praise from their fans for their perfect live performance on ‘Music Bank’.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’, TVXQ sang ‘Keep Your Head Down’, their hit song of the first half of the year. TVXQ were last to stand onstage and showed their power and might as long lasting idols with their charisma and perfect live performance.

Regardless of the fact that they haven’t appeared on music programs for a while, TVXQ’s unshaken stage presence has proved their power in the industry.

In the first half of the year special for ‘Music Bank’, TVXQ, 2PM, Kim Hyun Joong, f(x), 4Minute, T-ara, IU, G.na, CN Blue, Kim Tae Woo, Wheesung, Eru, K.Will, A.Pink, Boyfriend, Infinite, Secret, SISTAR, Mighty Mouth, Rainbow and Navi performed.

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Go Boys!

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Polaroid Sigs

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Drop Dead Gorgeous
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[TRANS] 110704 Digital Distribution for "Superstar" will start on Jul 6

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The prior digital distribution for Tohoshinki’s long awaited new single,
"Superstar" will start on July 6 (Wed)!!

There will be benefits (period limited) for mu-mo and recochoku♪
Please look forward to them.♪

※The starting time for distribution will differ between sites. Please check each site for the time respectively.

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