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[VIDEO]110824 Tohoshinki´s Message for MISSHA Greeting Day

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[TRANS] 110822 Tohoshinki Reborn – “We’re Back!” The Legend Starts

Tohoshinki’s Yunho (25) and Changmin (23) returned to Osaka in the middle of summer. On 21 August, Daily Sports greeted them at the last day of the Osaka performances in Nagai Stadium for “a-nation 10th anniversary for Life Charge & Go!”Appearing for the first time as a duo, Tohoshinki performed a medley of 5 of their previous hit songs. After the performance, during an interview with Daily Sports they sent the message “We’re back” to the fans who have been waiting impatiently for their “revival.”

After two years, this is the first stage where they greeted the audiences as the “Reborn Tohoshinki. ” From the darkness, the images of Yunho and Changmin arose, and they were welcomed by the clapping and cheers of over 50,000 people in the audience.

Right up to the moment before performing, their anxiety couldn’t be hidden. “It’s been 2 years, Do the the people in Osaka still remember Tohoshinki…” said Yunho, and Changmin too said, “I thought, ‘the stage in Osaka, it’s that big?’ Watching (the performers just before them) TRF on stage from backstage, the crowd looked really packed.”

However, once they stood on the stage, what they saw was their fans decked out in their goods, cheering for them loudly. The two men shouted, “I really love you! (Yunho) (T/N: He said it in kansai dialect, which is honma ni suki yade!!) and “Osaka,Its’ been a long time”(Changmin), heating up the atmosphere for the fans. Changmin fondly reasserted, “I was really happy for the unchanging passionate support.”

On top of their new songs such as “Superstar” and others from their singles after restarting activities as two in January this year, They also performed a medley of past hits including “Somebody To Love” and others. Aside from their extraordinary dance skills, their vocal power too had great appeal. Yunho said“As it is just two of us performing, it’s a little intense on our stamina” he joked as he smiled contentedly.

In the time that they were missing, both men have matured. On the youngest member and once the “little brother” of the group Changmin, who is always restrained, Yunho observed, “In these 2 years, many things happened and he has matured a lot. Recently,he’s been pulling me and the staff along.” Changmin responded, “There’s no such thing!” and smiled, “For me, I just do what I can to the best of my ability” he said with a wealth of emotions.

With their successful challenge of “a-nation,” the two men have confidence in their music. Yunho said, “Now, we just want to walk the path properly with our music. I think the two of us have a great understanding in music as well as other matters,” nodding as he spoke. Changmin added, “I’m not 100% satisfied but I’m blessed that the two of us can sing good songs,” as he laughed in slight embarrassment.

The two showed a stage fitting of a fresh start. A message to their fans, they said, “Today, we gained strength from everyone instead. For those who have been waiting for us, we want to say “we’re back!” through our music. From now on, please support the revived Tohoshinki” (Yunho) “There was a long period of emptiness in our activities, but we’re really thankful for your unchanging support. Once again, for the two of us to be able to stand on stage like this… Because of everyone’s cheers and support, we will work even harder.”

Tohoshinki has been reborn. Their new album will be released on 28 September. The next act for this new legend has only just begun.

Source: [Daily Sports Online]

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[TRANS] 110812 Choikang Changmin Takes A Photo With Kim Hee Chul’s Game CD And Proves He’s A Kim Hee Chul Devotee

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin has proved that he’s a devotee of Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul.

On the 12th, Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul introduced Choikang Changmin as a ‘fervent Kim Hee Chul devotee’ on his personal Twitter account.

Kim Hee Chul said, “Shim Changmin has bright and untainted eyes that a devotee of this being should have. If you shorten what you call a true Kim Hee Chul devotee into four syllables, it’s Shindorim Yeok(Station).”

In the photo that was posted with the tweet, Choikang Changmin is seen staring into the camera with wide eyes as he holds a CD titled ‘Baby Hee game’. As the cover of the gaming CD that Choikang Changmin is holding features the steamed bun character that Kim Hee Chul likes to use, it can be predicted that either he or his fans made it.

Netizens commented, “He really is the universe’s top star. Even TVXQ are his devotees”, “The CD makes me laugh!” and “I’m left speechless by Choikang Changmin’s beauty.”

Source: [bnt news]

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