[NEWS] 111013 Kouhaku 2011 - Artistes Net Users Want

NHK's annual year-end [Kouhaku Uta Gassen]. The list of expected participants have been put up early and the names of representing artistes have also been mentioned by netizens.

On the 1st, the headlines "Scoop!! Gaga Kouhaku" was eyecatching on the back of the evening paper [Tokyo Sports]. According to the paper, the theme for this year's Kouhaku will center around the rebuilding after the Tohoku Earthquake. Therefore, American singer Lady Gaga, who had expressed support for the victims of the disaster, has been "unoffically confirmed" as attending Kouhaku and they also reported that there will be a "special programme surprise". Although there has been no official announcement from NHK regarding the participants for Kouhaku, the netizens were greatly excited by this report.

-Omitted comments from netizens-

There was also news that Miguel, who shot to fame through his CM for S.T's [Shoshuriki] (t/n: deodorant power), will be attending, [Nikkan Gendai] suggested Ashida Mana, who became a hit after singing the OST for the drama [Marumo no Okite] (FujiTV), and the weekly magazine [Josei Jishin] raised names that showed the strength of KPOP, like Jang Geun Suk, Tohoshinki and KARA.

The broadcast timing for this year's Kouhaku will be its longest ever in its entire history, with a broadcast length of 4 hours and 25 minutes. The lineup of participants will be noteworthy.

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