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[TRANS] 110330 VOGUE JAPAN Editorial Department Blog Updates

Tohoshinki appears in VOGUE JAPAN, now on sale

Mar 29, 2011

This is the second week since Vogue editorial department has resumed to the regular work times after the earthquake disaster. We would like to express our hearty sympathy with those who are having a hard time in the quake-hit area.
We should do what we can do for an early aid, support, and for the reconstruction. We would like to do our best.

The other day, I received an email from a Tohoshinki fan living in the quake-hit area, saying that she was looking forward to the Vogue issue. I sincerely wish that she could get her strength back by looking at the magazine.

From this issue, the magazine name is changed from VOGUE NIPPON to VOGUE Japan, and in the first edition, we have requested Yunho-san and Changmin-san of Tohoshinki (which have resumed their activities after a year’s absence) to appear. They have become stylish more than ever.

The photographer was Kei Ogata, who is a leading photographer of Japan. We would give out polaroid photos (with signature) to 3 of our readers.

You can check the making film (which you cannot see in the magazine article) in our iPad version. (Please check at the VOGUE STORE application for the release dates.)

The first time Yunho-san of Tohoshinki appeared was the July 2010 issue, and Changmin-san appeared in the November 2010 issue. Since it was the first time that the two appear together, we wanted special shots, so we were having many meetings with the staffs before the photographing.

I think of this every time, the staffs who are engaged to Tohoshinki are wonderful!

The time schedule was tighter than ever, but the fashion coordinator and the make-up artist did the preparation. And Yunho-san and Changmin-san performed perfectly, beyond expectation. The photograph site was continuously full of excitement.

Looking at the 2 Tohoshinki members together, I thought that their concerns and considerations to each other were very special. Yunho-san, who is 2 years older, pay respect to Changmin-san. Changmin-san also gives way to Yunho-san. I requested to the staff, “We want to catch the perfectly matched chemistry of the two who have been on stage with cool dance and songs since they were in their teens.” Then, their manager said a magical word.

“You mean, they should perform as they are doing during their concerts.”
“Y, YES!!”

Thus, the photos in Page 272-273 were born.
(T/N: Yunho in a white shirt, and Changmin in a black shirt, with their arms around each other’s shoulders)

Their concert activities and album releases were postponed, but for those who have experienced their warm friendship during their live concerts, and for those who have not experienced them yet, please check the May issue.

We sincerely hope from the bottom of our hearts that everyone will get their strength back from the disaster, and become more powerful.

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