[TRANS] 110709 Tohoshinki Speaks about a-nation

Trans of avex official video

a-nation for Life 10th Anniversary for Life Charge & Go! ウイダーinゼリー / 東方神起
Credits: avex Channel

YH & CM: We are Tohoshinki!

(Question: Please tell us about a-nation)
CM: Talking about a-nation, my memory is vague, but I think we appeared on stage on the year we made our debut in Japan. a-nation is the proof of our growth.
YH: Yes
CM: I think that the a-nation stage was together with Tohoshinki’s activities in Japan all these years.
YH: Yes
CM: Every one of the stages remains as precious memories in our minds. We are looking forward to future a-nation stages, too.

(Question: Message to the fans)
YH: We will perform in a-nation after 2 years’ absence,
CM: Yes
YH: It has been a long time since we last performed, but we want to do our best, and not get worn out by the heat.
CM: Yes. I think that a-nation is a very big festival in Japan. I think that the artists who perform are all looking forward to the festival, too. I believe that the fans who come to the festival think so, too, and all the artists who perform on the stage should think so, too. What is the most important thing is that we spend this summer passionately and happily. I think that everyone is thinking so.
YH: Yes
CM: Yes. So we want to do our best. Please look forward, and everyone, please come to meet us!
YH: Yes. We want to make happy memories together with this year’s a-nation.
CM: On July 20, after half a year, we will release a new single.
YH: Yes. It is really a good song, so please support us!
CM: Everyone, please look forward!

Source: avex Channel
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