[NEWS]110504 TVXQ to release Japanese song "I Don't Know" in May

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TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin) made their big Korean comeback in January with their 5th studio album "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" after their last album release in 2008. Fans showed their continued support to the group despite only 2 members taking part of the album. TVXQ were the first group to achieve the 100,000 units of album sold for 2011 and were followed by Big Bang and CNBLUE.

Now, it seems that the duo will move on to Japan for promotional activities. They had also released the Japanese single, "Why (Keep Your Head Down)," but promotions were kept to a minimum.

According to their official Japanese site (toho-jp.net), Yunho and Changmin will release a new song titled "I Don't Know" on May 11th. The song will be released on both mu-mo and the Japanese mobile music site, Rekochoku.

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[NEWS]110504 SM Entertainment plans for South American tour in July!

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"This time, it's South America!"

TVXQ, BoA, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) and other SM Entertainment artists are preparing for a tour in South America. According to SM Entertainment representatives, the company is currently planning to hold a series of "SM Town Live" concerts in South American countries such as Brazil and Chile in July.

The South American tour has been in the planning stage since last year, when SM Entertainment artists embarked on the "SM Town World Tour" and held an unforgettable concert in Los Angeles, USA.

Due to the popularity of Kpop and SM Entertainment artists in South America, the company plans to tap into this untouched market with a series of concerts in the continent. In February, a Brazilian program asked viewers "Which Korean singer do you want to come to Brazil?" and SM Entertainment artists dominated the results, with Super Junior, BoA, SNSD and SHINee taking the #1 to #4 spots.

SM Entertainment is already taking major steps in making their mark in foreign countries, as it was recently announced that on June 10th, SM artists will hold "SM Town in Paris" and mark Europe's first Kpop concert everhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif. Tickets for the show sold out within 15 minutes and large-scale protests are happening all over Europe for SM Entertainment to add another concert date.

Last year, SM Town held concerts in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo. This year, SM Entertainment will expand into two continents that Kpop artists have never stepped into, Europe and South America.

SM Entertainment representatives stated, "SM's ripple effect is really amazing. They have already taken over USA, China and Japan and are now accomplishing the unheard precedent of going to Europe and South America. Isn't this the path of a true 'World Star'?"

Source: Sports Seoul
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