[TRANS] 110916 “TVXQ Wears It” Even Clothing Brands Take On Hallyu Marketing Strategies

When you walk down the streets of Myeongdong, you’ll pass by a plethora of cosmetics stores. Missha, The Face Shop, Etude, Innisfree, Nature Republic to name a few. And in front of those stores, you’ll always find a blown-up poster of a Hallyu star. It’s to draw the attention of tourists from China, Japan and Southeast Asia who visit the area and it’s easy to spot these people coming out of the stores with shopping bags in their hands, taking pictures with the Hallyu stars’ posters as they go.

The Hallyu Marketing strategy that has become the center of middle to low price range cosmetics stores is spreading quickly in the clothing industry. Clothing brands have put idol stars as their models or have created events related to them, such as the ‘SHINee Hoodie’ or ‘Photo Event with Nickhun’, to get ahead in the market.

According to those in the industry, casual wear and outdoor clothing brands such as Lacoste, May Pole, and Edwin, have chosen Hallyu stars for their marketing strategies. However, instead of filming TV commercials, they aptly use the stars’ popularity in other ways to improve brand awareness.

Early this month, Lacoste signed a friendship contract with the popular idol group and Hallyu stars, TVXQ. A friendship contract means that though TVXQ will not be active as official promotional models for the brand, they will wear the brand’s clothing when taking photoshoots or appearing on programs, or wear the clothes on a daily basis to improve brand awareness.

The reason why the French brand has decided to sign a friendship contract with TVXQ is because they wish to expand their influence in the Asian market with help from the Hallyu Wave. On the 10th, the members of TVXQ attended Lacoste’s 2012 S/S Collection in New York and succeeded in promoting the brand. With their contract with TVXQ lasting three months, Lacoste plans to promote the brand to domestic buyers and overseas tourists without direct promotional activities.

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A representative of the industry stated, “By aptly using the popularity of Hallyu stars, brands are succeeding in revamping their image and improving brand awareness, even without having to make expensive commercials,” and “Hallyu marketing strategies are becoming a trend within industry such as the cosmetics and clothing industries.”

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