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[INFO]110622 GAON TOP 75 ALBUMS of 2011 (JAN-MAY)

1. DBSK: Keep Your Head Down 236,669
2. Big Bang: 4th Mini Album 138,975
3. B2st: Fiction and Fact 90,000
4. CN Blue: First Step 87,926
5. Big Bang: 4th Mini Repack 81,913
6. F(x): Pinocchio 54,987
7. DBSK: Keep Your Head Down Repack 54,225
8. Secret Garden: Special OST 47,858
9. Kolleen Selects 46,080
10. Seungri: VVIP 41,302
11. F.T.Island: Return 33,995
12. You’re Beautiful OST 32,381
13. IU: Real 30,540
14. CNBLUE: First Step+Thank U 29,723
15. You’re Beautiful Pt 2 OST 29,420
16. MBLAQ: BLAQ Style 27,702
17. 4minute: 4minutes left 27,585
18. GD&TOP: 1st album 26,933
19. Super Junior M: Perfection 24,788
20. Hu Yeong Seng: Let It Go 24,079
21. SNSD: 1Asia Tour DVD 23,869
22. JYJ: The Beginning (Concert) 21,891
23. IU: Real + 19,859
24. Infinite: Inspirit 19,827
25. CNBLUE: Bluelove 19,603
26. UKiss: Bran New Kiss 19,194
27. Eru: Feel Brand New 17,488
28. MBLAQ: BLAQ Style 3D Edition 17,081
29. Dream High OST 16,983
30. 2NE1: To Anyone 16,694
31. SNSD: Run Devil Run 16,546
32. Park Jung Min: Not Alone 16,439
33. AfterSchool: Virgin 16,406
34. Kara: Jumping 15,166
35. Rainbow: So? 15,133
36. CNN Survival 14,868
37. CN BLUE: Bluetroy 14,197
38. Scret Garden OST 14,157
39. Infinite: Evolution 13,998
40. Sesibong Friends 13,750
41. T-ara: Temptastic 13,278
42. TeenTop: Transform 13,119
43. SNSD: Mr. Taxi 12,679
44. B2st: Shock of the New Era 12,246
45. Kara: Revolution 12,012
46. SGWANNABE: Sg Wannabe 7 pt 2 11,948
47. SNSD: Genie (japanese. Version) 11,685
48. Brave Girls: The Difference 11,644
49. Brown Eyed Soul: Brown Eyed Soul 10,836
50. SHINee: Hello 10,758

SM Entertainment

1. DBSK: Keep Your Head Down 236,669
6. F(x): Pinocchio 54,987
7. DBSK: Keep Your Head Down Repack 54,225
19. Super Junior M: Perfection 24,788
21. SNSD: 1Asia Tour DVD 23,869
31. SNSD: Run Devil Run 16,546
43. SNSD: Mr. Taxi 12,679
47. SNSD: Genie (japanese. Version) 11,685
48. SHINee: Hello 10,758
51. SNSD: Gee (japanese. Version) 10,690
55. SNSD: Oh 9,733
57. SNSD: Hoot 9,153
62. F(x): NUABO 8,892
69. DBSK: “O”-Jung.Ban.Hap. 7,203
71. SNSD: Gee 6,917

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Gorgeous! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
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[TRANS] 110621 Han Ye Seul Invites Choikang Changmin On A Surprise ‘Summer Solstice’ Date

image jpg 731-184
“Choikang Changmin, do you want to spend the summer solstice with me?”

While clearing up rumors of an alleged wedding, actress Han Ye Seul proposed a surprise date to Choikang Changmin. This was on the 20th during the ‘Spy Myeong Wol’ press conference at the KBS Drama Center.

On this day, Han Ye Seul cleared up rumors of her getting married soon and said, “Though it might be difficult to get married in the next year, my chances will probably shoot up in two to three years.” She continued to say, “If I want to get married, I should probably stick to the plan of getting a boyfriend after this production is over.”

To this, Eric also helped her as he said, “I too was curious of the rumors so I asked her about it on the plane, but she told me she has no plans to get married any time soon. But I’m worried that another article will be published with the title, ‘Han Ye Seul to get Married in Three Years’. Those were words that could be misunderstood easily.”

When asked what she thought about being chosen as Choikang Changmin’s ideal woman, she aroused laughter from those around her when she said, “Choikang Changmin, do you want to spend the summer solstice with me?”


Source: [seoul ntn]

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[TRANS] 110622 ‘StarQ10′ What Are The Unusual Records That TVXQ Have Set?

image jpg 731-186
What records have Hallyu stars TVXQ set that have surprised the world?

On the 25th, SBS’ E!TV ‘StarQ10′ made an investigation into TVXQ’s unusual Guinness World records as well as their overseas activities.

In 2008, TVXQ won the Guinness World Record for the biggest fanclub in the world and in 2009, they won the record for being the most photographed celebrities in the world with over 500 million photos taken of them.

During their Japanese tour, they set a record by selling out their tickets in a mere second. They surprised everyone when it was found that they were so active overseas in 2004 that they traveled the equivalent of 80 trips around the world.

TVXQ even proved their popularity in China when they received 136,031,908 votes in a popularity vote on a Chinese site. A Russian figure skater (Ilia Kulik) even used one of TVXQ’s songs for his gala show.

‘StarQ10′ staff plan to call overseas Korean residents to listen to the extent of K-POP’s popularity and the Hallyu Wave.

In this episode, questions for ‘SM idol groups who are redrawing the Hallyu map with K-POP’ will be revealed in six keywords.

The episode of SBS’ E!TV ‘StarQ10′ will air on the 25th at 2:30.

Source: [tv daily]

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[TRANS] 110622 Yoon Hyung Bin Says, “I Insulted TVXQ And Was Insulted By 180,000 People In One Hour”

image jpg 731-185
Comedian Yoon Hyung Bin talked about a dizzying moment during his days as ‘Wang Biho’.

In the ‘Strong Heart’ episode that aired on the 21st, Yoon Hyung Bin talked about what happened to him after insulting TVXQ during his days as ‘Wang Biho’ in the KBS tv show ‘Gag Concert’.

On this day, Yoon Hyung Bin aroused the curiosity of many when he said, “Kang Hodong earned a Guinness World Record by shaking hands with 28.233 people in eight hours. But that doesn’t even measure up to what happened to me.”

According to the comedian, his homepage was flooded when he insulted TVXQ on ‘Gag Concert’. His homepage was visited by a total of 180,000 people in a mere hour and became ‘a field of insults’.

Yoon Hyung Bin said, “At that time, as soon as I said TVXQ’s name, the audience looked at me with sincere worry for my safety,” and “The insult I made was, ‘They have a fanclub of 800,000 but have only sold 100,000 copies of their album?’”

He continued to show the power(?) of TVXQ by saying, “When I looked at the ‘field of insults’ on my homepage, I thought ‘Wow, I’ve never seen those kinds of insults before,’” and “I’ve always been attacked by my antifans when I was ‘Wang Biho’. Usually, 20,000 to 30,000 people would appear on my homepage but when I insulted TVXQ, I attracted 180,000 people.”

Source: [tv report]

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[TRANS] 110621 ‘Come To Play’ Makes A ‘SM TOWN Special’ With Fans All Over The World Using SNS

image jpg 731-183
K-pop fans will be coming to play to ‘Come to Play’.

MBC’s ‘Yoo Jae Seok and Kim Won Hee’s Come to Play’ took questions from fans all over the world till the 20th with the theme ‘Questions You have for SM Entertainment Singers’.

The staff of ‘Come to Play’ posted a notice last weekend on Social Network Services(SNS), such as Facebook and Twitter. They were thoroughly surprised at the number of messages they received over the period of time they gave to fans.

A representative of ‘Come to Play’ stated in a phone conversation with Hankooki that, “Thousands of messages have been flooding in till the deadline today on the 20th.” He also added, “Japanese, American and European fans are a given and we’ve received messages from countries whose languages we can’t even recognize.”

The reason ‘Come to Play’ has created such an event is because SM Town successfully completed two concerts on the 10th and 11th in Paris, France. To repay the international fans for their support, ‘Come to Play’ and ‘SM Town’ singers will be communicating with them through SNS.

All members of Super Junior and GIrls’ Generation will be present, as well as some members from other groups such as f(x) and TVXQ. The special episode will air on the 27th.

Source: [Hankooki]

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[TRANS] 110620 Bigeast Mail – SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION Additional Performance Decided!!

image jpg 730-70
Good Afternoon to everyone at Bigeast!

Although the date and time of the postponed performances for SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION has been confirmed, as a response to everyone’s passionate support, we would like to inform you that we have decided to hold an additional performance.

Concert Information


KANGTA/BoA/Tohoshinki/SUPER JUNIOR/Shoujo Jidai/SHINee/f(x)/J-Min and more

Concert Date: 2 September 2011 (Friday)

Gates Open: 15:30 Concert Starts: 17:30

Venue : Tokyo Dome

(Other Information Omitted)

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]

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