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[TRANS] 110725 Cute Tohoshinki in NHK Music Japan

Full trans of their cute talks

It is very warm in summer, everyone, are you prepared to avoid heat illness? Today, we have invited the 2 members of Tohoshinki, and will introduce you the goodies to avoid heat illness.

Perfume: It is in the midst of summer. Tohoshinki members, do you like summer?
Yunho: I love summer. My nickname is “Natsuotoko (T/N: summer man)”.
Perfume: “Natsuotoko!” Oh, Natsuotoko- san.
MC: In summer, what do you like to do?
Y: I like Suikawari (watermelon breaking), and if you say summer, the beach.
P: Do you swim?
Y: I am not good at swimming.
P: You go to the beach and play around…
Changmin: Yes, he surely isn’t a good swimmer.
P: Do you know?
Y: Changmin is a better swimmer.
P: So are you good at swimming?
C: Well, I’m not so good, but a better swimmer than Yunho.
P: So your swimming is...

So, let’s go on introducing the goodies to avoid heat illness.

P: Here it is! It is a regular umbrella, a parasol.
Y: It isn’t a regular umbrella…
P: The outside is black, and the inside is silver.
MC: Maybe they should hold it in their hands.
P: Yes. So here it is
C: Yes
Y: Come near. Come nearer.
P: Let him in the umbrella.
Y: Good.
MC & P Cool! Cool!
P: You can shade the sun. Can you please push the orange button there?
C: Yes
Y & C: WOW!
P: The wind. It is an electric fan.
C: Oh, electric fan!
P: Yes, it is a parasol with an electric fan!
Y: I really think this is fabulous!
C: Can you tilt the umbrella?
P: Maybe there, it will come out……
MC: The battery will come out.. .
Y: Oh, oh, what shall we do?
P: Oh, no… it came out…
C: OK, I got it.
Y: We’re sorry.
P: I think you will participate in many summer festivals, or your waiting time during drama filming…
Y: It is so comfortable.. I’m getting sleepy.
P: Are you getting sleepy?
Y: I think it is a wonderful product, a kind which I’ve never seen.
MC & P: You’ve got it!
C: It seems expensive.
MC: It is about 3000 yen (T/N: USD 38)
Y: Really?
C: It is unexpectedly cheap.
Y: I will buy it!

P: The next is this product. This is a bottle. Can you please take it in your hands?
C: Yes.
P: When you pull the black part on top, you can drink, as regular bottles.
C: Yes
P: But the difference with the regular bottles is that… there is a part sticking out, on the side of the bottle… that place. Can you please push the button, keeping the bottle a little bit away from your face?
P: It may be near Yunho-san’s face.
C: Here? Oh, here.
P: Can you keep the bottle away from you, and push.
Y & C: OH~
P: Mist comes out.
Y & C: OHHH~~~
P: On warm days, outside…
MC: Oh, an idea seems to pop into your mind.
C: We have our makeup on…
P: You have your makeup on, and your costume..
P: There is an important point. The mist is the drink inside the bottle.
P: So
Y: You cannot put in Cola..
P: Your skin will become sticky…if it was juice or sports drinks..
C: This is good.
Y: Yes, good. Very nice.
C: Yes, yes, yes.
Y: How do you think about this product, Changmin?
C: Good. I think it is a good idea.
Y: Only that?
C: During the live, the MC time, we can drink and together make mists,
Y: I think we really need this.
P: Yes
Y: Buy it for me.
C: Yes, sir!
P: So he will buy …OK.. thank you for your purchase.

P: The next is the “Cooling power spray”. The cool foam hardens, and the place will be cooled. Thus your body will be cooled.
C: Ohhh
P: Will you try it?
C: Yes, yes, yes.
P: Are you all right? It will be a problem if I spray it on your costume.
C: It’s all right. This isn’t my own clothes.
All: (LOL)
P: But it is your precious costume. It is a little bit vigorous, so please do not be surprised. You have to shake the bottle, and here we go! If you circle your wrist, it will be like a wrist band.
P: How do you feel?
C: It is really cool.
P: Yes, it is cool.
Y: Yes, it is cool.
P: After it hardens, you can easily take it off. After it finishes cooling…Yunho-san, will you try it, too?
Y: Yes, thank you… oh, good. It is cool.
C: You can easily take it off.
P: Yes, you can. The coolness continues.
C: Ohh.. Are you all right?
Y: It is much cooler than you expected.

Source: Ameba @ vimeo
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

[TRANS] 110719 Nicofarre Opening Event – Interview + #1 Ratings With Over 1 Million Views!

-Nicofarre’s previous name, Velfarre, was actually the venue where Tohoshinki held their commemoratory event for the release of your 6th Japanese single “Begin” in August 2006
Yunho: “It’s been a long time. The decorations have changed and it’s become more beautiful.

-With regards to your new single “Superstar” to be released on July 20
Yunho: Firstly, this song’s name is “Superstar” with a significant feeling of “I want to be become your superstar” in it.
Changmin: It’s a very stylish song, so it’s a dance piece that can turn this summer into a cool one.
Yunho: The “your” represents everyone. As long as it’s your wish, we want to fulfil them all.

-With regards to Niconico’s animation
Yunho: I regularly use the internet, but through this event was I able to learn of Niconico animation. Everyone can participate in the reviews and ratings, so it’s really awesome.

-What do you want to do by taking advantage of Niconico animation?
Changmin: Although this may be a little mischievous, I’d type in the subtitles “I am Changmin~” in our MV.
Yunho: “I would want to write the review “So handsome” for our MV.

-Yunho is recently using acidic health supplements to get rid of your fatigue. Compared to before, is it harder to disperse your fatigue now?
Changmin: Although we’re pretty young right now, our physical stamina is decreasing in correlation to our increasing age.
Yunho: (laughs)

-With regards to this year’s summer in Japan
Changmin: Really hot. Ways to escape the heat is to eat well, sleep well, and do things of interest. Also constant consumption of cold food.
Yunho: I use exercise to conteract the heat.
Changmin: He really is a man.

In addition, with Tohoshinki’s appearance on Nicofarre, the ratings shot to #1. During the live broadcast, 697 029 people watched it online. The total number of people is 1 075 801!

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] 110719 Tohoshinki Sends Congratulatory Message To Japanese Women’s Soccer Team

During Tohoshinki’s live performance in Japan, they congratulated the Japanese women’s soccer team who participated in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

U-Know Yunho expressed, “We’ve already felt the strength of Shinobu Ohno’s goal kicks, not to mention an unstoppable shot.” He also said, “They showcased an outstanding competition during this time’s World Cup. We sincerely congratulate them.”

Choikang Changmin expressed, “I found out about the women’s representative soccer team winning through the news. I really congratulate them and am also envious of them.”

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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[VIDEO]110725 TOHOSHINKI 7&i HOLDINGS making off

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[AUDIO]110725 東方神起Thank You My Girl Preview(41 sec.)

Lovely song♪

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