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Just the most perfect models can wear this kind of outfits
and still looks gorgeous like GODS!
Agree ? ( ˘ ³˘)

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[TRANS] 110914 TVXQ Attend New York Fashion Week, Their Popularity Is Clearly Felt!

TVXQ, Asia’s representative top group, has signed a friendship contract with Lacoste that begins this month and will act as honorary goodwill ambassadors for the clothing brand in the latter half of this year.

As honorary goodwill ambassadors, TVXQ were invited to Lacoste’s ’12 S/S Collection that was held at the New York Lincoln Center on the 10th of September and proudly attended as the representatives of Korea. As the first collection of Lacoste’s new Creative Director ‘Felipe Oliveira Baptista’, the S/S Collection was a hot topic amongst the press and people of the fashion industry.

It was later told that from the moment they entered the room till the moment the show was over, TVXQ, who were attending the event as Korea’s representatives and honorary goodwill ambassadors, were surrounded by a swarm of reporters and fans, making it clear how popular they are. After attending the New York Collection, TVXQ will participate in a dynamic photoshoot with New York City as the background which will soon be printed in fashion magazines.

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[TRANS] 110913 Seoul City To Make ‘Kim Yuna-Ryu Siwon-TVXQ-KARA-Girls’ Generation” Figurines

Figure queen Kim Yuna and Hallyu star Ryu Siwon will greet their domestic and overseas fans as figurines.

Seoul City announced on the 13th that they will be producing figurines of Kim Yuna and Ryu Siwon by July of next year and release them in September. For this, the city has signed contracts with two companies and will be supporting the project with 150 million Won.

Figurines take up a large portion of the USA or Japan’s cultural industry with products depicting Michael Jackson, characters from the blockbuster film ‘Star Wars’ or Bruce Lee. Though there is fan base for such figurines in Korea, most products are imported into the country but production of figurines recently began based on domestic stars.

Figurines have been made of Hallyu stars Bae Young Jun and Song Seung Hun, Lee Byung Hun as Storm Shadow from ‘G.I. Joe’ as well as the members of ‘Infinite Challenge’. Seoul City plans to make sure that the figurines succeed, not only in the domestic market, but in overseas markets as well.

A representative stated, “Kim Yuna has dominated the Olympics and is currently the most wanted CF model while Ryu Siwon is a powerful Hallyu Star who attracted half a million people to his events,” and “We believe this enterprise will ride the second Hallyu Wave and begin foreign exportation of domestic figurines.

Seoul City plans to also fund the production of figurines of idol stars such as TVXQ, KARA and Girls’ Generation. The city has been continuously funding such a business for domestic figurines since 2008.

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