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The giants in the airport lol

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[TRANS] 119428 What Do TVXQ, Jang Hee Jin And Lee Chae Young Have In Common?

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The 2011 Spring/Summer season’s jewellery trend is simple silver.

Compared to the past years, where thick, luxurious designer rings that captured attention were the trend, for this year, details have been simplified as much as possible. In accordance to this, recently many of the fashionistas have been seen wearing silver items with a simple design.

On a certain music program stage, TVXQ performed their new song “Before U Go,” and both men wore the same simple, silver ring. Jang Hee Jin attended the 2011 Fall/Winter Seoul Collection Fashion Show, wearing a similar silver ring to that of TVXQ’s, and attracted some attention.

Also, Lee Chae Young presented a ring as part of her personal collection during MBC’s “7 Day Miracle,” and when it was known that this was the same ring as well, it became a big topic.

TVXQ, Jang Hee Jin and Lee Chae Young are all wearing a donation ring, and aside from the stylish fashion sense revealed, it also shows their participation in a donation campaign.

Also, this E.S.donna donation ring’s sale proceeds will be collected over a period of one year, and will go to Holt’s Children Services, where its intended use will be for Sotos Syndrome patient Go Ye Seul’s surgery.

Source : [BNT News]
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[TRANS] 110426 TVXQ “I Want To Watch Baseball For Free…”

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On the episode of SBS’s “TV Cultwo Show” that was aired on 27 April, TVXQ had appeared as guests on the show, and talked about their childhood dreams.

On that day, Choikang Changmin said , “My dream was to be a sports reporter so I could watch baseball for free,” and U-know Yunho said “I wanted to be a public prosecutor.”

Also, because U-know Yunho used to sing Cultwo’s songs often in his youth, he revealed what he felt was their true feelings during that time, rattling Cultwo.

Other topics mentioned were, compliments for their fanclub “Cassiopeia” being the fanclub with the largest number of members in the world, talk about making it into the Guiness Book of Records, future plans for TVXQ, who have expanded their entertainment activities beyond singing, into acting, and how Choikang Changmin was reduced to tears of laughter due to Cultwo member Jung Chan Woo’s gags can be seen.

Source : [BNT News]
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[TRANS] 110428 TVXQ, Top Of The Album Sales Charts As Expected! They Surpass The 200,000 Mark

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Even TVXQ’s album sales are extraordinary.

The Gaon Charts released the album sales of the first quarter of 2011 on the 28th. The charts recorded the wholesale, releases, and quantity of distribution storehouses of each production company, as well as the album sales and the figure of album returns for over 90% of the albums released in Korea. According to the statistics, TVXQ’s fifth album ‘Why(Keep Your Head Down)’, which was the first album to be released by the group in two years, sold over 200,000 copies and became the album with the highest sales of the quarter.

A representative of the Gaon Charts stated, “As TVXQ and Big Bang, deemed the nation’s top idol groups, released albums in the same quarter after a long hiatus, we believe people will be more interested in the total album sales of the year than ever before.”

TVXQ have currently put an end to their fifth album activities and are on a break. They are planning to focus on overseas promotional activities for the time being.

Source: [sports chosun]
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[TRANS] 110427 Michael Jackson’s Former Producer Says, “TVXQ-Big Bang, Amazing”

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It was revealed on the 27th that Teddy Riley, Michael Jackson’s former producer, was wowed by TVXQ and Big Bang when he flew into Korea on the 21st.

According to a Rania representative, “In order to support Rania, the girl group he helped create, Teddy Riley visited the scene of the SBS ‘Inkigayo Special’ that was held on the 24th on Jeju Island,” and “Teddy Riley showed an air of curiosity for each singer’s performance and for some of the performances, he danced and clapped. He stood up the whole time during TVXQ and Big Bang’s songs and when they were finished, he gave them wild applause and couldn’t stop his exclamations of awe. PMG, the group that was accompanying him, also whistled and couldn’t hide their wonder at TVXQ and Big Bang’s performances.“

Teddy Riley said, “Being able to see K-POP for the first time, after only hearing about it through rumors, moved me deeply,” and “I now know why K-POP is so strong and I think that in the future, K-POP will have great success in a variety of countries such as the US, those in Europe and Canada. K-POP performances are the best in the world.”

In the waiting room, he took time out to meet with K-POP singers. Shaking hands with TVXQ, he said, “Feel your energy on stage and watching your performance and music style confirmed to me why you’re called the best group in Korea,” while he embraced and shook hands with Big Bang and said, “You’re a group that could even succeed, not only in Asia, but in the pop market in general.”

Regarding Rania’s performance, Teddy Riley said, “My decision and judgment were right,” and “I’m touched to see my special team rub shoulders with the most famous K-POP stars in the nation.”

Teddy Riley is planning to appear on stage with Rania soon and will also be holding a separate press conference.

Rania is currently gaining popularity with the Teddy-Riley composed song, ‘Doctor Feel Good’.

Source: [osen]
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