[TRANS] 110730 Even From The Land Of The Pyramids, “We Love You TVXQ”

The Hallyu Wave is spreading out, not only within Asia, but across the world. The Hallyu Wave, represented mostly by K-POP, is now expanding to Europe and the Middle East. Though the rage is not as big as it is in Asia, the Hallyu craze is quite amazing in Egypt. In 2005, the Ain Shams University created a Korean major and has been slowly but surely increasing the influence of Korean and the Korean culture in Egypt, even creating a Korean channel in 2010, and recently held its first Korean singing contest.

A total of 24 teams participated in the competition, coming from all parts of Egypt including Cairo and Alexandra. The seats of the Mahdi Library were filled to the brim with an audience that cheered for three hours straight as the competition carried on.


During every break was heard, “We love you TVXQ”

During the breaks that took place between acts in the performance, we could hear people shouting, “We love you TVXQ.” It was the TVXQ fanclub ‘TVXQ5 Egyptian Cassiopeia’, which has been active mainly through Facebook.


Source: [OhMyNews]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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