[TRANS] 111005 Tohoshinki & Kinoshita Yukina’s First Talk & Yosui ・Anzen Chitai Cover

Tohoshinki will be appearing on the 7 October broadcast of Fuji Tv’s “Bokura No Ongaku.

Tohoshinki will be performing live at the studio, singing “Duet” from their new album “TONE” as well as a cover of Inoue Yosui ・Anzen Chitai’s “Natsu No Owari No Harmony (Harmony Of Summer’s End)” which was first released in 1988. As both were collaborations between pianist Kiyozuka Shinya and violinist Matsumoto Ran, they have been rearranged in an original way.

Also, in the talk part, Kinoshita Yukina will be appearing as Yunho and Changmin’s talk partner. This is the first time both groups are meeting, and they talk excitedly about Kinoshita’s husband “Fujiwara” Fujimoto Toshifumi and other topics.

Bokura No Ongaku
Fuji TV , 7 October, 23:55~24:23

・Tohoshinki x Kiyozuka Shinya x Matsumoto Ran – “Natsu No Owari No Harmony (Harmony Of Summer’s End) [Original : Inoue Yosui ・Anzen Chitai]
・Tohoshinki x Kiyozuka Shinya x Matsumoto Ran – “Duet”

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Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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