[TRANS] 110929 Tohoshinki is mentioned by Sakanaction

T/N: This is part of an interview of Ichiro Yamaguchi of Sakanaction (rock band), celebrating their release of their new album “DocumentaLy”. I’ve translated the parts that are related to Tohoshinki.

I thought we should make efforts looking at Tohoshinki

Question: Do you mean that you have to find the role of rock bands understanding the true meaning of entertainment?

Yes, it is because I’ve completely noticed the importance of entertainment. Recently, we were together with Tohoshinki-san at Music Station. We were very surprised! Their performance was perfect, and their physical was great, too. They were truly “THE ENTERTAINMENT”. I thought “”Wait…”. I thought that the members of the rock bands that I know are irresponsible and halfhearted. Did we do our best in a different vector before criticizing the entertainment world and POPs?

Question: Do you mean that you were hooked on the sense of being the chosen people only from your way?

Yes. I thought by seeing Tohoshinki-san, we, the rock bands, should make the same efforts as Tohoshinki. I also thought that we should find a firm standing point which the people in the entertainment world would respect. In order to do so, I will sing about the times and my true self. So it is natural that we would release an album with the name “DocumentaLy”

(other sentences omitted)

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