[TRANS] 110919 TVXQ Breaks Record, Appearing On Front Cover Of Two Japanese Magazines “JJ” And “Ray”

TVXQ will appear on the front covers of two Japanese women magazines “JJ” and Ray” which will be sold on 23 September. Choosing the same models for front cover of magazines to be published at the same time were usually a taboo in Japanese women magazines, hence this is the first time the market tried something new by choosing TVXQ to appear on the front covers of two women magazines at the same time. Also, this will be the first time that TVXQ appears as a duo in both magazines.

Editor of “JJ” magazine, Fujiwara, revealed that the issue of “JJ”, which has its background in black, displayed the tough image of TVXQ. It portrays the coldness and stable, charismatic side of them. She revealed that they have tried their very best to bring out the coldness in them, but for some unexplainable reason, there was still a little secretive and passionate charismatic side of them.

It is unusual for a duo group to appear on the front cover of “JJ” magazine, with black being the background cover. This time, we have portrayed such a tough image on the front covers, and the magazine will include a poster and a 3D photo. In the 3D photo, the both of them are seen stretching out their hands, allowing readers to feel as if they could almost reach out to them.

On the other hand, “Ray” has its background colour in white, projecting the clean image in TVXQ. Fujiwara expressed, “The boys possess much chemistry; all the pictures are intriguing, making it hard to pick just a few out of the photos.”

TVXQ’s new album “Tone” has three different colours, namely red, yellow and blue, while “JJ” and “Ray” has black and white covers, allowing us to see a colourful variety of TVXQ.

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