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Win Limited Edition Goods!! “7-Eleven’s Summer Festival” Now On!!

From 1 August – 31 August, the “7-Eleven Summer Festival” will be held.

A total of 4,210 partipants will be selected, and they will win prizes, including signed goods from artists that participate in a-nation!!

(Participating artists: TRF, Every Little Thing, Ayumi Hamasaki, Do As Infinity, Koda Kumi, Suzuki Ami, AAA, Maki Goto, Girl Next Door, ICONIQ, Tohoshinki)

(Method of participation omitted)

For more information, click here : http://www.sej.co.jp/re/540/a-nation001108.html

*Prizes are scheduled to be autographed goods such as towels and t-shirts, but this may be subject to change.

(other disclaimers omitted)


“SMTOWN LIVE IN TOKYO” Goods Now Sold Online!

Coming Soon! To be held on 2-4 September, goods for “SMTOWN LIVE IN TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION”will be up for pre-sale on 7net Shopping!

For more information, click here : http://www.7netshopping.jp/spc/static/sm/smtowngoods2011.html

Keyholder – Price : ¥1,800 (Tax Inclusive)

Postcard (10 pcs) – Price : ¥1,200 (Tax Inclusive)

Clear File (8 pcs) – Price : ¥3,000 (Tax Inclusive)

Face Book (8 pcs) – Price : ¥3,200 (Tax Inclusive)


“A-nation For Life” To Be Aired On WOWOW On 24 September

“A-nation for Life will be aired on WOWOW on 24 September!

Click here for details! http://www.wowow.co.jp/live/a11/

Exclusive On WOWOW, 24 September 8pm On Air!

Finally it’s the 10th anniversary! Now a part of the summer traditions, the luxurious artist stage “a-nation.” Currently underway at 5 locations all over the country, videos from the last 2 days of performances on 27 & 28 August at Tokyo’s Ajinomoto Stadium will be broadcast exclusively on WOWOW! Summer cannot end without first watching this biggest outdoor festival!!


Tohoshinki’s New Song Will Be Used For Menard’s “Illuneige” CM!!

Tohoshinki’s new song will be used in the CM for Menard’s “Illuneige”!

The CM will be aired from today! Please enjoy!

Menard homepage: http://www.menard.co.jp/illuneige/cm.html

The Song Is Tohoshinki’s “Back To Tomorrow”

Greetings everyone, we are Tohoshinki.

We’re very pleased that our new song “Back to Tomorrow” will be used for the current CM for “Illuneige”

As our song matches very well with the elegance of this CM, no matter who it is, you should definitely take a look at it.

Source : [Tohoshinki Official Site + 1 , 2, 3, 4]

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