[TRANS] 110802 Five Fingers Let TVXQ Remake ‘Balloons’ For “10 Signed CDs”

Five Fingers appeared on Mnet’s ‘Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST’ and talked about the behind-the-scenes stories of TVXQ’s remake of the song ‘Balloons’, that most Korean citizens have heard at least once.

The group stated, “When TVXQ’s representative contacted us and asked if they could change the lyrics of ‘Balloons’ from ‘yellow balloons’ to ‘red balloons’ to match the color of TVXQ’s fanclub, we said no at first.“

They then laughed and said, “We agreed on the condition that we receive 10 signed CDs from TVXQ. We’re grateful because the opportunity was used to remember ‘Balloons’ once more.“

On this day, Five Fingers performed ‘Early Morning Train’, which became a hot topic through MBC TV’s ‘I am a Singer’, with YB. Yoo Do Hyun was later heard saying, “It’s moments like this that make me feel proud and honored to be hosting a music program.”

‘Yoo Do Hyun’s MUST’, which held a rock festival summer special, had guest appearances by Actress Kim Hyun Suk, the rock band Baek Doo San and the indie band Mongni.

Source: [TV Report]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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