[TRANS] 100815 Tohoshinki's new song "Back To Tomorrow" will be the Theme song for the Menard CM

ILLUNEIGE (Anti-aging care with 27 secrets)
"27 secrets" version CM

(few sentences omitted)

And the tie up music is sung by Tohoshiki.
This song implies the wish that "we want to shine forever",
completely matches with the brand concept of ILLUNEIGE,
and ennobles the CM's world to a higher stage.

The song is Tohoshinki's "Back to Tomorrow".

Hello, everyone, this is Tohoshinki.
This time, we are delighted that our new song "Back to Tomorrow" will be the theme song for ILLUNEIGE's CM. Our song completely matches the elegant style of the CM.
We want as many people as possible to see the CM and hear our song.

(Japanese lyrics)
この木に咲いた 一輪の花 儚く誇らしく
生きていく力に 満ちてる君を見て 涙があふれ出した
もう一度最初から 長い道を歩こう
きっと明日は輝くから BACK BACK BACK 今は BACK BACK BACK with me
必ずまた輝くから BACK BACK BACK ともに BACK BACK BACK with you

Kono kini saita ichirinno hana hakanaku hokorashiku
Ikiteiku chikarani michiteru kimiwo mite namidaga afure damini coopera
Mouichido saishokara nagai michiwo arukou
Kitto asuha kagayaku kara BACK BACK BACK imaha BACK BACK BACK with me
Kanarazu mata kagayaku kara BACK BACK BACK tomoni BACK BACK BACK with you

A solitary flower in bloom in a tree, so fragile but proud
Looking at you full of youthful zest, tears are beginning to overflow
Let’s walk the long road, once again from the beginning
Tomorrow should shine BACK BACK BACK now, please BACK BACK BACK with me
Should surely shine again BACK BACK BACK together BACK BACK BACK with you

Source: Menard+
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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