[TRANS] 110727 Three Convenience Stores Step Into The Korean Wave, “Tohoshinki” And Other Collaborations Pull In Female Customers

The three largest convenience stores have concurrently started using popular Korean idols for their campaigns and character images. As all eyes are on the growing popularity of Korean dramas and music, this was done in consideration of encouraging the female customers, which account for approximately 30% of the customer base with much room to grow.

The largest chain, 7 eleven Japan released nigiris, bentos and such for popular male idol group “Tohoshinki” and female group “Shoujo Jidai,” starting from 7 July. Tohoshinki also participated in the sampling and supervision of the “Korean Seaweed Nigiri” and “Korean Style Grilled Beef,” which for the first week after it was released, surpassed the staple best sellers “Red Salmon” and “Tuna Mayonnaise” by far, coming out on top. The management from this company gave his feedback, saying “The Korean wave has a great effect.”

For 7 & i Holdings, they also used Tohoshinki for the “ochugen” gifts promotions that was held in 7 eleven, Ito Yokado and the rest of the group. Among the products sold by 7 & i, the Tohoshinki “highly reccommended” products, the cold noodles and yuzu drinks, were purchased by many, not just as gifts but also for their own consumption.

(T/N : Japanese have a tradition of giving gifts to those you are thankful to, once in July (“Ochugen”) and once in December (“Oseibo”))

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Source : [Sankei Business]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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