[TRANS] 110725 Cute Tohoshinki in Happy Music

Full trans of their cute MC

Credits: cocovuitton521

(Talk before the video)
Becky: So who will come next?
Tohoshinki: Becky-san! Becky-san!
Becky: Oh! I can see their legs.

(From here, the video starts)
Becky: Who are they?
Changmin: The camera! The camera is looking downwards.
Becky: Wow~
Tohoshiki: Ohhhhhh
Changmin: OK
Yunho: Becky-san, can you see us?
Changmin: One, two, three,
Tohoshinki: We are Tohoshinki!

(Subs on screen: The goodies that make the artists happy, HAPIMONO!)
Changmin: I brought this with me. This is my HAPIMONO.
Yunho: What is it?
Becky: What did they bring?
Changmin: Here it is!
Yunho: Oh, a travel pillow!
Changmin: Yes, a travel pillow. "Be Happy", "Be Happy",
Becky: Good!
Changmi: It is a HAPIMONO.
Becky: Wow. Yes, it is exactly a HAPIMONO.
Yunho: For us Tohoshinki, this is really important.
Changmin: When you rest your head on this, you can easily fall asleep when you travel.
Becky: Ummm
Yunho: To be honest, this is Changmin's pillow, I sometimes secretly use it.
Becky: Ohhh
Changmin: It sucks.
Yunho: Oh
Becky: They are on good terms!

Yunho: Hi!
Becky: Hi~
Yunho: Here is Superstar!
Changmin: We want to be your Superstar.
Yunho: Yes, the message of the song is "We want to be your Superstar." It has hot beat and stylish dancing. I think it is really cool, so everyone, please hear the song!
Changmin: So everyone, Tohoshinki's Superstar! Please see our performance. One, two, three,
Changmin: There you are…
Yunho: Are you all right?
Becky: OK!

Source: cocovuitton521@youtube
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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