[TRANS] 110715 TVXQ’s Changmin Performs With Wrist Injury

Although TVXQ’s Changmin had a wrist injury, he still continued with his stage appearance.

Changmin attended the “K-POP FESTIVAL -MUSIC BANK in TOKYO” concert held at the Tokyo Dome on 13 July. Before he had left for Japan, and when he was resting backstage, his right bandaged wrist caused many fans to worry. However, Changmin gave a splendid performance on stage, as if he had not been injured.

According to SM Entertainment, Changmin had injured his right wrist while having dance practice, hence having to bandage his right wrist. A related personnel revealed, “Changmin had injured his wrist while having dance practice. However, he will still be performing as his injury is not that serious as to affect his performance. He is currently recouping. His injury is not very serious, and it will not affect his activities.”

In addition, TVXQ will be releasing a new single in Japan on 20 July. Yunho is currently challenging figure skating in “Kiss & Cry”.

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