[TRANS] 110615 Choikang Changmin Smiles Cutely After Making An NG In ‘Paradise Meadow’

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‘Paradise Meadow’ NG scenes of TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin have been released.

Recently, screenshots of NG scenes from SBS’ ‘Paradise Meadow’ were posted in an online community.

The scenes were included in the ‘Paradise Meadow’ OST that was released in Japan and showed Choikang Changmin acting cute after making NGs as his role as ‘Han Dong Joo’.

In the screenshots, Choikang Changmin is seen looking surprised at something, only to laugh shyly as if he’s done something wrong. He covers his mouth with what look like documents and looks embarrassed by his actions.

‘Paradise Meadow’ was shot and produced completely before it aired and was a romantic youth drama set amidst the beautiful nature and scenery of Jeju Island. Though it was Choikang Changmin’s first drama, he was able to make a successful debut into the industry as he showed acting skills beyond the expectations of many.

Source: [newsen]

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