[TRANS] 110602 CODE-V Says, “The Second TVXQ? We Will Surpass Rather Than Imitate”

“The second TVXQ? Though that is an honor, we want to surpass them with our skills.”

Five-member vocal group CODE-V have an interesting and surprising charm. Though they are an idol group in appearance, they are actually a talented vocal group. Different from other rookie groups who are awkward at first, this group is confident and actively engaged.

While introducing their title song, they asked, “Do you want to listen to us sing?” and immediately began singing in a capella, their hidden card, on the spot. They even imitated the voices of other stars and said, “We have tens of imitations we’ve been practicing for variety shows.”

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◆”The Second TVXQ in Japan? It’s because we sing a capella”

Though they are not well-known in Korea, they are making their mark as Hallyu stars in Japan. Since their debut, CODE-V has been receiving a steady stream of love calls from K-POP fans in Japan. In a survey titled ‘The Korean group whose Japanese debut you most anticipate’, they beat famous singers and came out on top.

CODE-V garnered the attention of Japanese fans as the first vocally talented group from Korea since TVXQ. As CODE-V consists of five members who sing a capella together, they are called ‘The Second TVXQ’ as they resemble TVXQ in the beginning stages of their debut.

“It seems as though Japanese fans think we are like TVXQ in many ways. What makes us similar to TVXQ is that all five members have strong vocals and sing a capella together, though we participated in promotional activities with a dance number. We like TVXQ and respect them. But we’d rather surpass them and show off our own color rather than just imitate them.“

One member spoke up and said, “When TVXQ split, some of their fans became our fans,” while another member, Sol, said, “In Korea, people tell me that I look like KCM but in Japan, they say I look like YoungWoong Jaejoong. When we go out to eat, some people mistake us for TVXQ.” When we joked and said that, ‘These are dangerous sayings that may increase the number of anti fans you have,’ they evaded taking on the responsibility for their words in a cute manner as they said, “These aren’t the thoughts of all five of our members.”


Source: [joy news 24]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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