[NEWS]110614 Photos emerge of TVXQ unwinding in Paris!

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Though they were busy preparing for two arduous days of concerts, it seems like the boys of TVXQ managed to snag themselves a few days of rest and relaxation in Paris!

Yunho and Changmin were spotted in the streets around their hotel, and paparazzi shots caught them doing simple tourist activities, such as browsing for postcards, sitting down at a streetside cafe, and strolling through the streets of Paris.
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Those who got to see them in person marveled at how well they blended into their surroundings, and said they exuded a charm that fans were unable to see back home.

Perhaps because of their R&R time, TVXQ managed to rock the stage with performances of “Keep Your Head Down“, “Before U Go“, and “Maximum” for the ‘SM TOWN Live in Paris‘ concert held on the 10th and 11th.
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Source: Dispatch via Nate
Credits: MountainMadman@ALLKPOP
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