TOHOSHINKI EXPO 2010 starts today!

For those of you who wish you were at the Tohoshinki Expo today
(10/22 Japan Standard Time), there’s nothing we can do about that.
What we can show you though, is where everything will be,
just use your imaginations, yeah?

If you’re not up to date, Tohoshinki Expo is an expo dedicated to
the five member group and it will showcase the
group’s entire career in Japan starting from 2005.
The expo will run from this weekend starting October 22 (12:30~20:30)
to October 24 (10:00~20:30) at the Tokyo International Forum Hall 1.
At the end of the month it will move to the Osaka ATC Hall A,
and run from October 29 (12:30~20:30) to October 31 (10:00~20:30).

At the expo, there is a room with huge monitors known as the “super giant karaoke room”.
There is also a room which is a revival of the a-nation 2008-2009 collaboration of
Tohoshinki x Channge-a food cart, “I love Tako! “ (Takoyaki), and “Love in the Ice” (Korean shaved ice).
In addition to their Japanese releases, their original Korean goods will also be available.
Let’s not forget about the miniature CD Collection that was sold at the

Also starting on October 30, the “TOHOSHINKI EXPO 2010 ~THE MOVIE~”
will make its debut in theaters around Japan. It will be shown in
six prefectures and 25 cities and tickets will cost 2,000 Yen.
For a list of showings you can find them here.

Source/Photo courtesy of Avex.
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